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Don't be Cinderella with a dirty glass slipper

Clear, clear, clear it's all over the runways,  street styles, on your favourite celebrities and of course our favourite disney princess Cinderella. The perspex style goes great with anything, we mean literally EVERYTHING! 





Picture this, you're having a wild night out dancing the night away with your friends or brunching the day away and you suddenly realize your shoes are all scuffed up (PANICK MODE) and you need to wear it the next day (because you can, they go with everything). What do you do? Our natural instincts tell us to wash it with water and a bit of soap. But from our personal experience it doesn't quite work and leaves a water residue. 

So what do you do next? 

Well heres a little life hack that we're sharing on our #ShoeTalk Corner today so we can make sure all of our ZolaBlvd ladies rock their So Clear stilettos' with style and grace. I mean we're all just a glass slipper away from our prince charming, so don't let a dirty glass slipper get in the way. 

Here's a simple trick and a product that almost every female has stored in their bathroom.

You need:

1)Nail polish remover

2)cotton pads or you can use paper towel.

Dab a little nail polish remover on to a cotton pad/paper towel and clean off the scuffs and marks. It works wonderfully.

Don't forget to thank us later.

See you next time on the #ShoeTalk Corner.