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Dewy Makeup look: drugstore and home products

Dewy makeup look: Drugstore or Home products?

Written by: Jackie C

Monday June 28th 2021

Give me a D, give me a E, give me a W….. give me a dewy look! How exactly can we accomplish this so sought-after look? Let’s dive in with natural, soft, dewy summer makeup looks that are ideal for our Summer sans masks. Here we will go over products that can help achieve this look; whether you’re home or at your nearest favorite Canadian drugstore. 

What did I find here? The greatest thing for your dewy makeup look ON THE GO! NYX Dewy Finish Long Lasting Makeup Setting Spray Vegan Formula.

This makeup setting spray can be found at Pharmaplus and Rexall.  Great for setting the ideal look for this summer fresh skin, while closing pores and leaving behind a flawless look.

Avene Tolérance Extrême Cream: Uses only 7 essential ingredients AND paraben free? On our way to CLEAN products! We’re in love This cream is an excellent moisturizer that hydrates the skin, giving that natural soft summer dewy look. 

Soft dewy at home? YES PLEASE

Little did we know that most of our beauty hacks can be found right in our kitchen, and with less harsh chemicals. History has replayed this beauty hack over and over: from Cleopatra using dead sea salt as exfoliator to using honey and milk as moisturizer, this is a great recipe to achieve a soft textured skin tone. 

Salt exfoliator mix:

Coconut oil

Salt/ (or sugar! Makes great lip exfoliator too) 


Dewy natural soft skin:

Combine one spoon of honey with two tablespoons of milk. 


As for today, celebrities like Scarlett Johansen and Jennifer Lopez swear by their natural homemade beauty hacks. Maybe that’s why they have the most beautiful, naturally fresh skin in Hollywood? Sans botox?

Scarlett’s secret to radiant natural skin is using apple cider vinegar as a face wash and toner. 

"I researched natural skincare and found that apple cider vinegar is really effective. Using it as a toner can be harsh, but if you have breakouts it can be really healing." 

Well said! 

JLo states she has never had botox or fillers done to her youthful iconic face. Her secret? Olive oil. No wonder they use it so much in the Mediterranean diet; works wonders! 


“I’m a big olive oil person, so for me that would be the basis of something that we could start with as far as formulations.” Jennifer also complements that her mother taught her olive oil was a cure-all for hair, nails, and skin. “It was nature’s magic ingredient,” she explains. “It’s the thing that makes your natural glow.”  This sounds like a MAJOR contributor for a natural dewy summer look! 

For your face, be sure to use 100% virgin olive oil (Go organic if you can)