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The United Nations estimates that 40% of Somalia's population suffers from a mental illness due to the prolonged civil war. 

Mental illness in Somalia is associated with a strong social stigma, which means that many patients continue to suffer neglect and forced confinement inside their homes and other institutions. Keeping mentally ill people in chains and shackles.

Habeeb Public Mental Hospital currently sees over 330 new patients each month and is in dire need of support.  It's crucial that we treat mental illness like any other disease. It's curable and it's time for the diaspora to come together and join the movement in ending the stigma around mental health.

To learn more about Habeeb Mental Hospital, visit @Somaliforgottenminds on instagram.


ZolaBlvd is all about empowering and uplifting others. Our mission is to not only provide our consumers with fabulous heels, but to also have an opportunity to give back. 

To help bring awareness and provide funds to the forgotten people in the horn of Africa who are quietly suffering. We have teamed up with SomaliForgottenMInds to dedicate a pair of heels from our HEATWAVE COLLECTION. A

striking blue of similar shade to the Somalia flag and that is also bold enough to be worn any season. 50 percent of the proceeds from our Mermaid stiletto will be donated to Somali Forgotten Minds, who is teamed up with Habeeb Mental Hospital in Somalia. Don’t forget to #Jointhewave this season and support a great cause.